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HomenewsWood plastic materials processing technology
HomenewsWood plastic materials processing technology

Wood plastic materials processing technology

 Wood plastic materials processing technology

Wood-plastic composite materials is one of the more popular new profiles on the market today. So when we choose wood-plastic profiles when we should do? It is recommended that you proceed from the processing of wood-plastic materials. Then Xiaobian to introduce you to the wood-plastic composite materials, the main four kinds of processing technology: wood-based panel processing methods, non-woven molding and solid wood impregnation polymerization method and extrusion injection method.

Wood-based panel processing method is similar to the ordinary particleboard production process, the wood material and recycled plastic mixed (paved) and then hot and pressure compound made. Plastic is a traditional wood-based panel modifier also completely replaced the traditional man-made board of the adhesive, the method is suitable for plant fiber content is relatively high production of composite materials.

Non-woven molding method, also known as non-air pavement molding method, that is, wood fiber and plastic matrix at room temperature mixing, wood fiber and other fibrous materials by mixing through the acupuncture section, with thin non-woven fabric made of fiber Winding low-density slab, according to the needs of the final product and requirements, one or several slab hot pressed into the final product, mainly for automotive interior materials.

Solid wood infusion method that is wood-based plastic wood, the plastic monomer or low degree of polymerization resin immersed in solid wood, by heating or radiation caused by plastic monomer or low polymerization resin in the wood free radical polymerization. This method has been studied earlier, and the resin monomers used are ethylene monomers such as styrene, methyl methacrylate, ethyl acetate and acrylonitrile. However, this method of preparation process is complex, is not conducive to commercial applications.

Extrusion injection molding method is the use of traditional plastic products production process, the method is suitable for the emergence of plant fiber powder form, requiring a certain degree of viscosity of the mixed system and flow, and plastic matrix melt extrusion after extrusion or injection molding processing. This method can be continuous production, easy operation, high production efficiency, the current approach is the most widely used.