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HomenewsWood plastic flooring installation notes
HomenewsWood plastic flooring installation notes

Wood plastic flooring installation notes

Wood plastic flooring installation notes

Wood plastic board is a kind of new building materials products, mainly by wood (wood cellulose, cellulose) as base materials and thermoplastic polymer materials (plastics) and processing additives, high-tech green environmental protection material mixed evenly and then die extrusion molding and made of heating equipment, is widely used in the outdoor landscape decoration industry especially, wood is more extensive, but if the wood plastic composite decking installation quality doesn't pass, will still affect its performance advantages, matters needing attention in the installation process of wood plastic composite decking:

1, Due to the high density of wood material itself, in the use of self tapping screw position is used to drill holes, then the self tapping screw fastening.

2, A fixed keel installation work surface is smooth, no potholes, keel spacing in L 300mm~350mm.

3, In the area of wood plastic composite decking, recommend the use of the icon to install, every piece of wood not exceeding 2 meters in length.

4, Sealing processing of wood: wood plastic sheet edge using B10-140 or B16-70 edge, according to the height of floor keel, B14-140 or B16-70 will be cut to the required height, the fixed edge of wood plastic material screw spacing in 400mm~600mm. can also choose other metal edge edge as wood.

5, To bend wood pavement, according to the length and angle of bend the ends of each piece of wood was cut after the pavement.

6, Step, paving steps for wood plastic composite decking, wood plastic composite decking corner suggestions to protect the use of metal strip.

7, In the use of the process, avoid the impact or collision of heavy objects. In the storage, transportation, installation process, please pay attention to properly handle, to avoid it from the height of the fall damage.