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HomenewsWood plastic composite decking social benefit is what
HomenewsWood plastic composite decking social benefit is what

Wood plastic composite decking social benefit is what

Wood plastic composite decking social benefit is what

Now no matter what the industry, should seek a benefit, not only for their own interests, but also social benefit. The two complement each other, take a look at the wood social benefit is what?

1, The huge amount of steel bamboo timber construction formwork

Along with our country and launched again and again of the construction industry, the rapid development of template. Industry in China is expected in 2011 -2012 annual building template production scale growth will be around 15%; by the end of 2012, China's building formwork industry output will reach 220 million square meters.

2, The construction template for steel timber consumption is staggering, serious waste of resources

China's annual production of 27 tons of steel templates for the production of 39 million 700 thousand square meters, if converted into equivalent to the weight of the amount of steel in the Beijing bird's nest"

3, Wood plastic building template instead of the traditional social construction template

In our country, and actively respond to climate change, vigorously promote energy-saving emission reduction situation, if in the construction formwork industry, can use alternative steel and bamboo, wood materials, environmental benefits, social benefits will be enormous. The current building template market demand in more than 200 billion, wood plastic building template will occupy the market share in the future 3~5 year 30% - 50%, the output value can reach above 60 billion, the market prospect is very broad.

Wood plastic composite materials as building templates use, can greatly improve the construction efficiency, shorten the construction time. Compared with the traditional single wood template template integrated cost savings of about 30%, the auxiliary cost can be reduced by about 40%, directly reduce the project cost nearly 5%. Hideyasu plastic sheet has a green, low-carbon, economic and other advantages.