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HomenewsWood flooring accessories to buy pollution alert
HomenewsWood flooring accessories to buy pollution alert

Wood flooring accessories to buy pollution alert

Wood flooring accessories to buy pollution alert

One, skirting board

In the purchase of the skirting board from the following aspects: 1 the environmental protection: environmental test skirting board through the overall coordination of inspection report.2. and room manufacturers: the color and texture of skirting board and floor mainly through the comparison, the principle of harmony between furniture,.3. deformation resistance: inferior floor easily in the air temperature change or wet deformation, loosening, affect the entire room is beautiful, it is recommended to make use of in the choice of supporting baseboard skirting board designer floor specified.

Impact of the European style of decoration, coupled with the most current housing storey is limited, many consumers in the purchase of the floor no longer blindly follow the market popular 10cm, 8cm standard baseboard, dwarf 6cm Tijuexian gradually more and more consumer choice, will also become a kind of fashion, the future in addition, 6cm For the decoration of the skirting board add more personality factors, great to meet the personalized needs of the modern consumer.

Two, floor glue

Rubber floor installed on the floor while the amount is less, but its environmental protection can not be ignored, the use of environmental performance standards of plastic floor, will cause serious pollution of the entire room exceed the standard because of the domestic market at present, there is no mature rubber flooring brand, quality is uneven in quality, suggestions for the installation of the floor using imported indoor environmental glue.

Laying on the floor there is a misunderstanding: "lock floor is not plastic floor, actually lock floor is short again pavement design, can be repeated disassembly, repeated use of non adhesive case, in order to avoid long-term use due to the friction caused by the floor gap is more and more big, if the long-term lock floor it should be laid on glue, it can guarantee the floor mosaic than the ordinary floor more firmly, so as to achieve the actual effect of lock floor.

Three, ground mat

The mat is between the floor and the ground layer, it is laying on the floor to moisture and balance the role of the basic requirements of market mats can usually reach users, now some brand also launched a variety of "function", like a thin aluminum pad pad, special plastic pad the paper, such as mats, the user should determine the specific effect, according to need to choose to use. Consumers should pay attention to the mat is not as thick as possible, the thickness of the mat large room for maneuver, easy to cause the floor cracks, and feel discomfort.

Four, the door buckle

With the maturity of the market development of the brand floor, floor and floor service brand, not to regulate the behavior of standard floor market accessories distribution, safeguard the interests of consumers, as an important part of the floor of the brand service, some large businesses have launched the brand floor accessories professional delivery service, eliminating cumbersome headache accessories the selection process.