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HomenewsWhy should the installation gap of wood plastic
HomenewsWhy should the installation gap of wood plastic

Why should the installation gap of wood plastic

Why should the installation gap of wood plastic

a wood plastic composite decking installation clearance

1) because wood has a slight thermal expansion and contraction of the characteristics, causes and taking into account the cleaning, WPC in installation, the edges; must have adequate clearance between the end and the end. When the temperature is reserved for the construction of the gap also there is a close relationship between.

2) when install WPC best please profiles installed on the keel. According to section thickness (20MM-40MM) keel spacing is generally between 400MM-500MM.

3) when the angle between profile installation and keel, or is installed on the beach which will please the Dragon Bone spacing was reduced by at least 10 cm.

Two, railings:

1) post installation clearance when tenoned should also take into account the wood plastic thermal expansion and contraction characteristics, make it have flexible room.

2) post and the road surface can be used when installing plate embedded in the concrete columns, steel plate at the bottom and embedded steel plate welding or bolt fastening.

3) when the total length of rail is greater than 300 meters when building the transition column considered.

4) railing style, specification and selection of the rail profile span is closely related.

Three, installation:

1, you can use wood cutting, woodworking machinery common sawing, drilling, open the tenon.

2, you can use tapping screws between wood and wood (recommended for outdoor use stainless steel self tapping screws); wood and steel plate to use self drilling screws.

3, plastic wood and wood use tapping screws it should be the first guide hole, which is pre drilled. Prebored hole diameter should be less than the diameter of the screw 3 / 4.

4, when install WPC decking, between each keel and need around the use of a special plastic or stainless steel fastener fastener links.