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HomenewsWhat is the secret of environmental protection decking
HomenewsWhat is the secret of environmental protection decking

What is the secret of environmental protection decking

What is the secret of environmental protection decking

Green long been linked to mouth, health first, now consumers pocket mostly healthy, green environmental protection. And in the home renovation process, the environmental requirements will naturally be nothing difficult, the first step is to choose environmentally friendly products. In many types of Home Furnishing products, we usually view is more pure natural raw materials, environmental performance is higher. But in fact, any natural materials are processed, and in the process if the way of environmental protection, will also affect the environmental performance of products.

Whether the decking of environmental health is determined by two factors: one is the low formaldehyde content of harmful products, there are two sterilization measures. No dye in the wood substrate, keep the color; with more environmentally friendly low formaldehyde, the formaldehyde content is reduced to the minimum; the addition of antibacterial material in decking insect sterilization and impregnation, to create a true sense of the environmental protection decking.

Many businesses have made it clear that the decking is natural, environmental protection will be the decking industry forever trend. But for environmental protection decking industry still exists a lot of ambiguity, such as green environmental protection is to speak, "the real green, green decoration is difficult to achieve." industry experts swifty. Benzene, formaldehyde, the radiation. Home and inseparable "by-product" has aroused public concern, so the decoration companies almost invariably playing the "green", "green" brand. Some decking manufacturers use consumers of green consumption, to promote consumption, the substrate is green environmental protection decking.

However, this kind of propaganda let consumers into a misunderstanding. Green does not necessarily mean that environmental protection in Europe. In the decking industry, green core material is waterproof, and does not reflect the core material and human health related indicators. The domestic green core decking is not guaranteed waterproof, nor guarantee environmental protection in China. Whether the government, or other authority, are not the core material color clear. The green pigment material that decking is environmentally friendly products, producers of a deliberately misleading consumers misunderstood. At present the mainstream of society is environmental protection, health, ecological and environmental protection, energy saving, floor the promotion will be. Can lead the decking industry to quickly integrate into the mainstream of society. The decking of the environmental protection is not only a road of sustainable development, is to ensure the health of the people and an important way to improve the quality of life, is the inevitable trend of development. The environmental protection decking industry which has a new energy products will be more active market shock.

With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, more and more signs that consumers choose green building materials has become an inevitable trend. More and more people in the industry have formed a consensus: the decking of environmental protection should be encouraged and spread more. "Choose the green decking, improve home life quality, more and more become the focus of every modern family pay attention to environmental protection. The decking is a constant trend"