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HomenewsThe wood plastic storage and maintenance
HomenewsThe wood plastic storage and maintenance

The wood plastic storage and maintenance

The wood plastic storage and maintenance

To understand the problem of how to store and maintain wood plastic, need to first understand the characteristics of wood plastic,today Xiaobian introduce a wood plastic material storage and maintenance information:

The wood plastic is on the periphery of wood fiber and other natural fibers coated with a layer of plastic layer, the plastic water absorption rate is very low. It is suitable for the waterfront landscape. Comparison of wood and general wood plastic, wood plastic proportion is much larger, usually in 1.1 to 1.18, while the general wood accounted for 0.4~0.7, even if it is a larger proportion of hardwood, the proportion is only about 1. So the same volume of wood plastic is much heavier. In order to reduce the weight of wood plastic products, can take the foam, change the sectional shape, structure design and so on.

One: the wood storage method:

By heating the wood plastic and wood plastic can be bent. Can the amount of bending to a certain extent. So the long-term storage, should be placed flat on the ground, to prevent deformation.

Two: WPC maintenance, maintenance:

In view of the advantages of wood plastic, even in outdoor wood is exposed to the weather, not decay, fragmentation or crack, in addition also has anti UV ability, so the wood plastic does not need maintenance special. This made of wood plastic products after management becomes very easy.