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HomenewsThe choice of wood products
HomenewsThe choice of wood products

The choice of wood products

The choice of wood products

Wood plastic products used in raw materials are wood flour, agriculture, forestry, orange and other plant fiber as a substrate, does not contain any harmful ingredients. But also recyclable use, called the true sense of the environmental protection, energy saving, renewable resources, the use of innovative products, and wood plastic materials and its wide range of use, wood-plastic railings is one of the main uses of wood-plastic materials, Plastic materials manufacturers, products, whether it is quality or price has a great advantage, their company produced by the wood products have the following advantages:

1, wood-plastic railings with the same processing performance with the logs, can be nailed, drillable, planable, sticky, smooth and delicate surface, without sanding and paint, the paint adhesion is good, can also be painted according to personal preferences.

  2, wood-plastic railings to abandon the natural wood defects, such as cracks, warping, color, etc., so no regular maintenance.


 3, wood-plastic railing unique technology to meet a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness and other needs, which also includes a variety of design, color and grain of the finished product, without grinding, painting, reduce the cost of processing costs , To the customer more choice.


 4, wood-plastic railings with fire, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, resistant to moisture, not insects, not long fungi, Naisuan Jian, non-toxic, non-polluting and other excellent performance.


5, wood and wood railings strong, light, heat, smooth surface, free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, non-toxic, non-polluting.