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HomenewsThe Other Decking Materials
HomenewsThe Other Decking Materials

The Other Decking Materials

The Other Decking Materials

Decks made of wood material need constant maintenance. Rotating wood needs to be replaced constantly. Stains need to be reapplied every three to five years. Decks must be regularly inspected and treated to avoid mold, mold and pests. Whether you find that the maintenance cost of the wooden deck is too high, you are looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives, or want unique things to make your deck stand out, there are already several alternatives into the suburbs of the house.

Our first low-maintenance panel material is aluminum. This material can look like a wood product and can be fixed with the same tool that is usually used for wood. Aluminum decks are lighter than wood, but stronger than wood, the deck is cooler than wood and cement. The deck is very suitable for rainy weather because it is non-slip, waterproof, and has its own drainage system. However, the aluminum deck is expensive and is not found in most home furnishings and is limited to several design options.

The most green deck material, the composite deck is a combination of wood and sawdust mixed with PVC or polyethylene. Its particles are completely like wood, except that it will not split, scrape or warp. It is an animal and child-friendly deck because it does not have any sharp edges or visible nails that cause damage. However, the composite deck tends to sag, and the need for a strong support beam below. It is also more expensive than a wooden deck and can fade over time without giving you a choice to paint or sand on it.

The only maintenance required for the vinyl deck is the occasional sweep of the muddy days or the mop in the muddy days. It is easy to install and can withstand all types of weather. The color of the vinyl deck is consistent from all angles and will not fade, making any paint, seal or dyeing possible. As a deck, the vinyl is quite strong and will not peel off, break or split. The only drawback of vinyl decks is its cost factor and man-made appearance.

All in all, going green instead of wood deck is an expensive option. But in the long run, these alternatives lack maintenance, saving money and saving time and effort. Make sure to choose a house that is the same style as the rest of the house, and the happiest house. Ultimately, you and your family feel the comfort of your finished deck is the only important thing to be comfortable and satisfying.