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HomenewsTeach you to test the performance of the floor
HomenewsTeach you to test the performance of the floor

Teach you to test the performance of the floor

Teach you to test the performance of the floor

1, the number of wear-resistant surface: to strengthen the wear resistance of the floor by the surface wear-resistant layer, and through the number of wear-resistant to express. Household general 6000 or so, about 10,000 yuan in public places. Now on the market to strengthen the wood floor wear-resistant layer there are four: per square meter of aluminum oxide content of about 30g of the floor, the wear resistance of about 4000 rpm; content of about 38g wear resistance of about 5000 rpm; content 44g around the wear resistance of about 9000 rpm; content of about 62g of the wear resistance of about 18,000 rpm.

2, the free formaldehyde content: laminate flooring in the adhesive contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, excessive formaldehyde on the human body is harmful, if the human body in the long-term high concentration of formaldehyde in the environment, there will be carcinogenic risk. China on public places air formaldehyde concentration has been issued a mandatory standard, the provisions do not exceed guo0.12mg / m3. According to state regulations, strengthen the formaldehyde content of wood flooring does not exceed 30mg / 100g, preferably below 9mg / 100g.

3, the expansion of the thickness of water absorption: the higher the index, the more easy to expand the floor. The state stipulates that this indicator is within 2%.

4, the combination of strength: to reflect the quality of the internal fiber between the bonding quality is good or bad, the greater the strength of the wood floor between the layers of the more closely, the state requirements of this indicator should reach more than 1Map.

5, the surface of the resistance to burning cigarettes: the cigarettes on the floor to see whether the surface cracks, dark spots, bubbling, if no, this floor is better flame retardant.

6, floor density: the higher the density, product mechanical properties are generally better, better impact resistance. But under the same conditions, the thickness of the expansion of water is too large, the stability of the size to be worse; the greater the density, the product cost to increase some.

7, static bending strength and elastic modulus: These two products reflect the mechanical strength of the important indicators, mainly determined by the quality of wood and gluing, and ultimately reflected in the floor of the tongue and groove combined with the ability to resist, the higher the index, the floor anti- The better the folding strength.

8, the surface resistance to scratch: the surface resistance to scratch, reflecting the ability of products to resist sharp hard objects. The higher the scratch resistance, the stronger the ability to resist sharp hard objects.

9, the surface impact resistance: the indicators of consumers can self-test to a heavy ball falls on the surface of the product, if the more obvious surface depression, the surface impact resistance is poor.

10, anti-stripping: This indicator reflects the laminate flooring surface decoration layer and the bonding quality between the substrate, such as poor quality bonding, the use of the product after a period of time will produce peeling off the decorative layer. Select the floor: Figure cheap to be careful When in general, mid-range to strengthen the price of the floor are more than 100 yuan, including those who skirting, installation costs, accessories fee, per square meter is only the price of sixty or seventy yuan to strengthen the floor, How hard it is to say. Some unscrupulous businessmen will not contain the wear-resistant layer of melamine decorative panels, after cutting, processed into the so-called "reinforced floor", wear only a few hundred or one thousand or two thousand, the use of a very short time the floor surface will be worn off The.