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HomenewsTeach you to repair wood plastic composite decking
HomenewsTeach you to repair wood plastic composite decking

Teach you to repair wood plastic composite decking

Teach you to repair wood plastic composite decking

A type of material in many families on the decking, I do have common wood plastic composite decking and tiles. But with the development of science and technology, more and more types of materials have also entered the market, currently on the market more prosperous wood plastic composite decking material is the most popular one of the types. So today Xiaobian to teach you about the wood plasticomposite decking repair:

Main point: the wood appearance was scratched, as is usually the paint was crushed. This depends on the wood appearance level. If the appearance of the film scratch scratch is shallow, you can use the polishing steps of disposal of punishment, will pull to wipe clean.

Point two: otherwise a kind of environment is deep scars, available solid wax is then used to fill the repair, paint pen hold color, and then after polishing the disposal of punishment.

Point three: above manipulation if you think very poor if you can buy a bottle of decking wax, and held as normal mopping the floor wipe, some are not particularly deep scratches can be disposal punishment. Buy a bottle of floor wax not much money, but to repair maintenance wood has a great help, can make the light and beautiful appearance beware, scratching, extending using life. Usually about three months to hold a thorough recuperation is similar.

Point four: if it is serious or repair results not satisfied, it must find a professional wood decking company to dispose of the punishment, the exchange, will be seriously damaged the wood dug up, and then replace the new; most need to scrape bad wood around the decking, with no broken wood plastic composite decking together, dug up for.