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HomenewsTeach you to protect the wood plastic
HomenewsTeach you to protect the wood plastic

Teach you to protect the wood plastic

Teach you to protect the wood plastic

Wood-plastic material is the use of some of the raw materials in the doping of some waste plant fiber mixed into a new wood material, and then by extrusion, molding, injection molding and other plastic processing technology to produce the plate or profile. Hefei wood plastic materials used in many areas of life, this material in the daily application of how to store it?

1, compared with ordinary wood, wood-plastic than the major and toughness is not good wood, the use of more careful. When lifting a profile with a similar volume of wood, we need to spend some effort, but also pay attention to some of the time, because the force will cause the wood is broken.

2, wood-plastic materials stored on the site, be sure to put on a flat ground, so that will not be placed because of improper profile is broken.

3, when the stacking profiles, should be placed from both ends of the joist, adjacent two joists center distance of not more than 60 cm, the joist should be arranged vertically with the profile.

4, Hefei wood plastic materials in the outdoor stacking to the whole bundle of packaging, wood plastic floor stacking, to prevent the sun burst sun deformation.

5, because the friction coefficient of wood-plastic hardwood floor is not high, so in the transport can not be checked in the wood-plastic board to Mian damaged floor surface.