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HomenewsTeach you to prevent wood plastic railings aging
HomenewsTeach you to prevent wood plastic railings aging

Teach you to prevent wood plastic railings aging

Teach you to prevent wood-plastic railings aging

Some of the family of wood-plastic railings spent a year or two on the "old state clock", but some even if the use of nearly a decade is still intact, such a big difference, many consumers will blame the quality of wood-plastic railing on the issue, This is not necessarily the quality of wood-plastic railing problems, as long as the understanding of their own home wood-plastic railings, in daily life to maintain a good wood-plastic railings can also make wood-plastic railings "survive longer", use longer.

In accordance with the requirements of the original wood plastic railing cleaning is strictly prohibited to use water mop to wipe the wooden railings. Whether it is composite wood-plastic railings or solid wood plastic railings are not to use a wet wet mop to wipe directly, because too much water will penetrate into the wood-plastic railing inside, resulting in wood-plastic railings expansion bulging bulging moldy, and even rot The Must use wood-plastic railings special cleaning products fresh wood-plastic railing, it is best to use professional wood-plastic railings cleaning fluid, and try to keep the mop dry state. The first cleaning after cleaning, so as to avoid the gravel rubbed wood-plastic railings.

On the wood-plastic railings have a clean effect of double-layer effect, ordinary water or cleaning agent if wiping wood-plastic railings lead to wood-plastic railings tidal wood flavoring expansion, wood-plastic railings from arch deformation. Residue in the wood-plastic railings containing acid and alkali will corrode solid wood fiber lead to reduced strength, will reduce the life of wood-plastic railings. So solid wood plastic railing furniture, mahogany furniture are strictly prohibited to use water or detergent detergent wipe.