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HomenewsSeven ways to buy composite wood decking
HomenewsSeven ways to buy composite wood decking

Seven ways to buy composite wood decking

Seven ways to buy composite wood decking

Formaldehyde content

Composite decking will be used in the manufacture process of the adhesive, which contains formaldehyde. Many tasks containing formaldehyde is toxic to the floor, this view is wrong, the key is to see whether the scope of the content of formaldehyde in the human body to accept, formaldehyde content of the standard composite decking in E1, E0 provisions of the state, namely the calculation standard grade: E1 = 1.5mg/L, E0 = 0.5mg/L. as long as the range of indicators, is the health and environmental protection composite decking.

Two: pick surface finish

From the surface of composite decking finish can be divided into: groove, pit type, smooth type and so on. These varieties no matter what kind of good, depending on your personal hobbies.

Three: wear index

We all know that the composite floor with wood decking and wood flooring compared to the biggest advantage is to wear. In choosing the strengthening point, attention must be paid to the abrasion index of composite decking, generally with the family used in composite decking wear-resisting index at around 6000; and the composite floor abrasion index of public use at 9000 rpm.

Four: pick the color and grain

Pick a color, wood, we must consider the room size, furniture color, style and personal hobbies. Generally speaking, the room is big, can choose a darker color, wood complex decking. The room is small, choose light color, elegant wood better.

Five: internal bonding strength

Reflect the quality of the glue between the fiber inside the substrate is good or bad, the greater the intensity, the more closely the combination between the layers of wood decking, the state provides for this index should be more than 1Map.

Six: substrate view

The first to confirm whether the same material, whether there is a floor section, cracking, decay, fungi and so on. As for the floor color, Easter is a reasonable existence, a little color and uneven decorative pattern is natural wood can not be avoided, the natural color, as long as the pattern in the pavement, reasonable collocation, or a return to nature feel.

Seven: look at the price

Wood decking because of different origin, the price is not the same, most of the domestic brand price per square metre in 200 to 500 yuan more reasonable price in Southeast Asia, has 300 to 600 yuan of quality assurance, as the South American distance, high transport costs, the price is generally 400 to 700 yuan.