Wpc Product Introduction

HomenewsSSTIC Decking Tiles Choice composite wood decking!
HomenewsSSTIC Decking Tiles Choice composite wood decking!

SSTIC Decking Tiles Choice composite wood decking!

SSTIC Decking Tiles - Choice composite wood decking!

The timber deck adds style and value to any property, but requires a lot of planning, construction and, of course, the combination of funds. In addition to wood on the surface of the deck, additional wood is required as a sub-frame, as well as all building materials such as screws, nails, joists, concrete and so on. In the narrow space of limited budget, the traditional wood deck may not be practical You can still use the SSTIC Decking Tiles to achieve the appearance of the deck - and add value.

What is decorative tiles? SSTIC deck is usually 300mm × 300mm (or 500mm × 500mm) of the deck square, with a plastic base, you can connect through a simple click. Depending on what you like to create unique patterns and results, tiles can be positioned in various directions. The main advantage of covering tiles is the speed of coverage of the area. There is no need for sub-frames or fixtures for existing areas such as courtyards, terraces, swimming pool decks and public areas. Tiles can be easily installed on existing concrete or paver and instantly improve the fatigue area.

Almost with the standard deck of wood can use the floor, your choice is endless. Natural wood tiles are usually the cheapest option, but like traditional wood decks need to be oiled or stained and sustained maintenance. Because of its low maintenance performance, it is popular, is a composite wood floor tile.

The composite tile is made of WPC (wood-plastic composite). Made of polyvinyl-based resin, WPC is manufactured using the most advanced wood-plastic extrusion systems. The result is that the wood looks like natural wood, but lasts longer and does not find any special performance in any wood. Life of up to 50 years, UV stability, environmental protection, adaptability, can withstand bad and extreme weather, color and stability.

WPC tiles do not need to oil or stain, even in the most harsh conditions can also maintain its natural color. Composite tiles have been installed on the hottest places on Earth, such as the Middle East, and without exception.

WPC meets the standards and quality that architects, designers and engineers are looking for. WPC SSTIC Tiles are any great long-term investments planned for its backyard or any public space making deck. They will add immediate visual appeal and value to limited maintenance.