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HomenewsApplication of interior decoration
HomenewsApplication of interior decoration

Application of interior decoration

Application of interior decoration

At present, people on the interior decoration of the increasingly high demand, wood materials are not confined to the living room, the bedroom decking, in order to satisfy the psychological needs of advocating nature, recover the original simplicity, wood in the interior decoration applications are becoming increasingly diversified, here introduces the application of several ecological wood interior decoration materials:

1) wood decorative lines, decorative plate

Plastic decorative lines and decorative panels, with wooden decorative board, installation of all properties, and does not contain formaldehyde is a kind of environmental protection material, have been detected through the national environmental protection departments, completely solve the decoration pollution, toxic gas. Strong sense of decorative wood, wood and wood color can be printed on all kinds of trees the color from the troubles.

2) wood plastic composite decking

In the international arena is regarded as wood wood flooring in twenty-first Century science and technology innovation, healthy and comfortable living, green environmental protection, fashionable and beautiful decoration, convenient, budding is decoration enterprise and household welcome, become the protagonist. Interior decoration wood flooring has good performance, moisture-proof Naishui, acid and alkali, tasteless, suppression fungi, antistatic, mothproof, paint, not only in Home Furnishing, is also used in some public places.

3) wood plastic doors and windows

Wood plastic doors and windows profiles production, plays an important role in the use of ecological wood composite materials. With the fast assembling structure of wood doors and windows, installation time saving, and various kinds of decorative film on the printed on the surface of wood door, with cherry wood, as wood, ash and other kinds of wood, with different colors. The products are both realistic wood, water and corrosion resistance, sound insulation, moth mildew, heat insulation, environmental protection (formaldehyde) and other characteristics.

More than just ecological wood composite materials as used in a corner of the furniture and interior decoration industry. As a new type of composite material, it has brought new opportunities for furniture and interior decoration industry has, because the ecological wood composite material has no adverse effects on the human body and the environment, can meet the requirements of sustainable development, will become the mainstream and direction development. However, we also pay attention to ecological wood composite materials and some problems to be solved, such as surface scratch resistance, creep resistance and special connection of ecological wood composite materials, which requires multidisciplinary, professional people to work together to complete.