Wpc Product Introduction

Homenews8 explanation why you want to decide on Composite Decking on your Backyard Deck
Homenews8 explanation why you want to decide on Composite Decking on your Backyard Deck

8 explanation why you want to decide on Composite Decking on your Backyard Deck

8 explanation why you want to decide on Composite Decking on your Backyard Deck

Everybody likes a deck. There is a very interesting one backyard deck, just letting you want to play back and relax. In Australasia, composite materials began to enter the market, but the advantages of this type of decorative panels may not be fully realized. The advantages of the composite panel are described in detail here.


1. Low Maintenance.


The biggest advantage of the composite deck (also known as WPC) is that there is little to no maintenance. Unlike natural wood, the composite sheet will not rot, fade, discolor, twist, warp, attract termite or mold. Natural wood requires regular oiling or dyeing (at least once a year) at a considerable cost in time and material. Composite armor eliminates these costs. Recycle your weekend!


2. it's smartfor the surroundings.


Most WPC plates are made from recycled materials, accounting for 90% of the total composition. These materials are usually recycled hardwood and recycled plastics, reducing the amount of plastic entering the landfill. Some suppliers also have FSC certification to ensure that the timber is responsible for manufacturing. It is worth noting that you should avoid the use of rice instead of recycled hardwood, because this material may not be recycled, and easy to moisture, resulting in warping and premature rot.


3. Available in standard size.


The composite flooring is provided in a standard width and length to help ensure that you have access to all value for money. This also means that you do not need to sort by timber to find the right size and grade. This can greatly reduce the waste of your project. Longer lengths also mean fewer connections, reducing the risk of expansion.


4. The installation can actually be cheaper.


As the composite sheet is standardized, it is usually much larger than the natural wood sheet, so it may actually reduce the installation cost. This is because larger circuit boards mean that larger areas can be covered more quickly, potentially saving labor costs. In addition to the surface or "hidden" fixtures, the deck also requires less screws than natural wood, and each plate requires at least four screws, regardless of length.


Heavy-duty WPC allows for greater spans on sub-frames, reducing material and labor costs again.


5. Available in marine areas


Due to its non-corrosive, the composite flooring is ideal for wharves, docks, pontoons and surrounding hot springs and swimming pools. It will not be rotten from exposure to water, nor will it attract molds. Most composites are also non-slip - very useful in moist areas.


6. Installation is simple


The composite trim panels are usually mounted on sub-frames in the same way as natural wood and can therefore be used to replace rotten wood without changing the frame. Under the fixed surface, the laying of the deck is very fast and easy, which means you can DIY and save the payers!


7.Use a hidden fixture to make it smooth and safe.


The underlying surface or "hidden" is fixed so that the surface of the composite material is smooth and clean. These fixes not only look great, but also by securing the sharp screws and nails firmly under the surface, it is very easy to install and provide bare feet.


8. It looks great!


The early composite panel looks more like plastic than wood, but the new design has been successfully completed - your friend may not be able to distinguish it! WPC is now available from ultra-modern to surreal to a variety of colors, shapes and surface treatments, the choice is your choice.


By installing a high quality composite deck this weekend, increase the value of your home and avoid maintenance.